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Moon Jar Course 

Cours sur 2 soirées avec Emilie Ruitinga

Ce cours est donné en anglais, et Emilie parle aussi néerlandais et comprend le français. 




Moon jars are a traditional ceramic vessel from Korea, usually made by joining two hemispherical halves. Their generous, spherical form, and often milky glaze evokes a stunning, glowing full-moon.

Ceramicist and teacher Emilie will guide and accompany you through the different steps of realising your own moon jar on the potter's wheel, inspired by this traditional shape, playing with perfect imperfections !

This course is suitable for hands who have already learnt how to center clay on a potter's wheel and make simple bowl shapes



The course is programmed over two evenings set a week appart :

1) Introduction and demonstrations. Learn how to throw pairs of symmetrical bowls on the potter's wheel.

2) Learn how to combine the two hemispheres on the potter's wheel, create seamless joints and sculpt the foot and neck of your jar. 

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