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Drop-off for Firings / Cuissons

Book a time Monday afternoons or Friday Morning to drop-off your work for firing

  • 15 min
  • 5€ per drop-off rdv

Description du service

DROP-OFFS : Drop-off appointements possible on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings at selected appointement hours so we are sure to be able to welcome your work well. If you are firing work with us for the first time, please send an email to with : --- a simple photo of your work with an idea of scale --- the temperature you wish to fire at (950°C or 1250°C) --- a photo of the label of your clay --- if your work is glazed please we require photo of the labels of your glazes Please make sure... * all your work is clearly signed * your work is easy to store and can be carried into the kiln by 1 person * non of your work is more than 3 cm thick, or has been properly hollowed * your work has been constructed aware of the requirement of no air trapped in the clay * to provide protection plates to place under you work if you are working with glazes that could drip * arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment if you have more than 10 items (to have the time to unpack them) TIP : it is safest to transport raw clay work when it is still on the leather-hard side rather than completely dry PRICE : * 5€ per drop-off, plus fee for the volume of your work that we shall calculate in the workshop (0.03€/cube for 950° firing, 0.05€/cube for 1250° firing) PAYMENT : By direct bank transfer (payconic) or cash, to be made on moment of the drop-off. CONDITIONS : Firing ceramics is a process where accidents can happen. Nothing can ever replace the time that has been put into making clay work and the attachement you have to it. Here however are the conditions we have set up to try to responsabilise accidents : * If we feel your work could damage our kiln or other work during firing we may have to refuse it * If we feel you work is too complicated/delicate to load and unload safely, we may have to refuse it * If your work does damage our kiln or other people's work, you shall pay the damage accordingly : 10€ per small glaze stain on our kiln / the price of new kiln shelf if more than a small stain (70€)/twice the volume price of pieces damaged/ the price of maintenance if other parts of the kiln are damaged or faulty. * If we accidentally damage your work, we shall refund you the price of the firing and give you a voucher for the same volume of firing.

Politique d'annulation

If for medical reasons or any other reason you are unable to attend your booked course/workshop/member session, you can be refunded, or reprogram to a future date, or find a remplacement according to the time delays below : FOR ALL INTRO COURSES / LEVEL 2 COURSES / PRIVATE WORKSHOPS / KIDS : ** Booking refundable/reprogrammable if informed more than 2 weeks in advance of start date (minus 5% booking fee if refunded) ** Booking refunded/reprogrammable by 50% if informed less than 2 weeks in advance of start date, unless a replacement is found by you or us (minus 5% booking fee if refunded 50%) ** Booking not refundable/reprogrammable less than 1 week before the start date unless a replacement is found by you FOR MEMBER SESSIONS : **Bookings can be cancelled or modified on your online account minimum 2 days in advance **Less than 2 days before, you shall be accounted for your booking unless you find a replacement with another member on our community Facebook group "Mud Gang". FOR FIRING DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP BOOKINGS : Please inform us by email as soon as possible if you can no longer attend your chosen rendez-vous slot so we can allows others to book


  • Gierstraat

    Rue du Vautour 41, Brussels, Belgium

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