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Weekend of the 3rd & 4th August from 10am-5pm with teacher Emilie Ruitinga

  • Commence le 3 août
  • 259 euros

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Description du service

A weekend of concentration, fun, clay-mess, centering, trial and error and forgetting everything else on the planet ! "Throwing" (the verb of using the potter's wheel ) is a technique that requires time and practice to master. This introduction course will give you the fundamental information and beginners practice to start you off on your throwing journey. PROGRAM : The first half of the introduction will focus on how to wedge your clay to extract air bubbles, how to center it on the wheel and learning how to make the beginning of all shapes : the cylinder ! The second half you shall learn how to make bowl shapes and to trim the pieces upside-down, to create the 'foot' or 'bum' of your pot, making ribbons of clay fly away. PRICE : *The price includes all the clay and the firings of your first thrown and trimmed pieces made during the weekend course. *The time to glaze your work is not included in the weekend fee (see below under 'Glazing' chapter) SMALL GROUP: The intro course welcomes max 6 participants at once. We will be a little gang of 12 hands. AFTER THE COURSE : After following this course, you are welcome to become part of our studio member's community, and continue practicing to throw at your own rhythm during our weekly member sessions with a Membership Pass (for more info see our website's Member menu). Please note that you cannot take your pieces home at the end of the weekend ! The ceramic process has several steps, so patience is a real virtue in ceramics ;) GLAZING: 10 or so days after the weekend, your work will have been fired at 950° and be ready to glaze. Here are 3 options ; *If you have not yet glazed in our studio, you may sign-up to one of our Glazing Intro Classes (more info on our "Introduction Courses" menu'). *If you have already been initiated to how to glaze in our studio, you may book yourself a table during a Member Session (with or without a Membership Pass). * We can glaze your work for you in a glossy transparent glaze for 5€/piece TERMS AND CONDITIONS : **Please ensure you can attend all 2 days of the course as it is a process. Also the classes are usually full so we can't move people between them. ** If you are not able to complete your work to the detail you would like during the course hours, you can continue working on your pieces during our member opening hours by booking a potter's wheel. This is not included in the pack of the course. ** Please carefully read our cancellation policy below

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Politique d'annulation

If for medical reasons or any other reason you are unable to attend your booked course/workshop/member session, you can be refunded, or reprogram to a future date, or find a remplacement according to the time delays below : FOR ALL INTRO COURSES / LEVEL 2 COURSES / PRIVATE WORKSHOPS / KIDS : ** Booking refundable/reprogrammable if informed more than 2 weeks in advance of start date (minus 5% booking fee if refunded) ** Booking refunded/reprogrammable by 50% if informed less than 2 weeks in advance of start date, unless a replacement is found by you or us (minus 5% booking fee if refunded 50%) ** Booking not refundable/reprogrammable less than 1 week before the start date unless a replacement is found by you FOR MEMBER SESSIONS : **Bookings can be cancelled or modified on your online account minimum 2 days in advance **Less than 2 days before, you shall be accounted for your booking unless you find a replacement with another member on our community Facebook group "Mud Gang". FOR FIRING DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP BOOKINGS : Please inform us by email as soon as possible if you can no longer attend your chosen rendez-vous slot so we can allows others to book


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