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Teapot Course 

Cours sur 2 soirées avec Aude Van Ryn

(Ce cours est donné en anglais, et Aude parle aussi le français)


Making a clay teapot is a technical process that is accessible to everyone who has been practicing throwing. It is extremely satisfying and, at the end of it, you get to enjoy a nice cup of tea…  perfect! This course will teach you the basic steps of making one yourself using the potter's wheel, so you also have the insights to creating more with your own designs later.

It is important therefore that students already know how to center clay and throw simple cylinder shapes.


The course is programmed over two 3 hour evenings set a week apart : 
1) -  Introduction and demonstrations. Learn how to throw a large cylindrical body and the spout of the teapot on the potter's wheel. The lid can also be thrown or made with slabs. You'll discuss different design options and also play with hand-built handle forms and techniques.
  2) - Learn how to trim and refine the parts made the week before so they are lighter and ready to be assembled together. Learn how to attach the spout correctly, and learn about the design details to make it a well working functional object as well as a unique hand-made piece. 


You shall each aim to create one clay teapot from a cylinder body, ready to be bisque-fired. The size and shape will depend on your experience on the wheel, and your desire for challenges ! You shall be using a fine, grey, stone-ware clay that fire's light beige.


The course welcomes maximum 5 students.


The course will be given in English. Aude also speaks French.


* The cost of the course covers all materials and firings.


The course does not include the glazing of your teapot. Here are the options : 
* New to our studio? sign-up to our monthly 'Glazing intro class' 
* Members : glaze it autonomously during a Member Session
* Ask us glaze it for you in a shiny transparent glaze (free)


* Please ensure you can attend all 2 dates of the course as it is a 2 week process and unfortunately a missed class will not be refunded or rescheduled. 
* We need a minimum of 4 participants for the course to take place. If we do not reach this number you shall be notified and proposed a refund or rescheduling. 
* If you are not able to complete your work to the detail you would like during the course hours, you can continue working on your pieces during member sessions on our website. This is not included in the pack of this course.  
*Please read our cancellation policy below.

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